Gonna Folk You Up!

by Mass Folk Commons

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released December 9, 2016

Andy Pilbeam: banjo and lead vocals
Garret Pilbeam: guitar and backing vocals
Cara Pilbeam: electric bass, melodica, backing vocals
Andrew German: vocals, tin whistle, washboard, spoons, and concertina



all rights reserved


Mass Folk Commons Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

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Track Name: Mischiefmaker
be careful talebearer, that's a tall fence
full of lots of holes for all the snakes to slither through
to be a feller of the truth is to live life out on the run
deforming facts to amuse your elfish mind

never weeping a tear lest we come full circle, a sob act so grandeur
oh little mischiefmaker you best learn to refrain
or your sideshow may never sell out again

your antics gain weight fast, immune from no one
failed fables ringing loud in ears, some too heavy to be unread
from you mooncalf, I’ll step far away, far from all your fun
your long braids become so tangled in the end


if I was promised a scary wolf was out wreaking havoc on your life
to help you time and time again, I would not be so inclined
with no evidence produced, your words have now steeped long in lies
from your “lordly” outpost, can you see me, I’m waving hi

Track Name: Skeeterbugs
Hey little bug, get outta my suds
Splashin’ and a swimmin’ ‘n defecating real good
Like a peppercorn topping on my liquid gold
I don’t want to eat you but tired of plucking you out

Lightning strikes and the thunder’s a clapping
Cold relief’s here soaking our backs
Rain pouring down has given us a laugh
Then the clouds start to breaking and you’re buzzing right back

Hey little bug, get off of my mug
Flying around my head, it’s getting’ mighty old
Got me scratchin’ and a pickin’ and snappin’ like a dog
If I squish nine outta ten, surely better than none

Eating our melons while your stinger’s a swellin’
Waiting for the chance to ruin our fun
You make the first move and our eyeballs are wellin’
Now you’re twitching on the floor and dyin’ real slow

Hey little bug, it’s nighttime ‘n you’re creepin’
Crawiln’ up my legs and sniffin’ in my ears
When daylight rolls around, I’m a gonna see you
So we even up the odds in the midday sun

You’re harassin’ ‘n we’re cussin’, our bodies full of bumps
Our tiny, little foes will have another go
Now summer’s come and gone and winter’s nearly here
Finally gone for the season, we’ll see you next year
Track Name: Tapping Toes
Tapping toes, mouthing out sounds,
transplanted with no yet proven worth
Transient glances, feeling quite small right now
while all the locals strike the perfect pose, they all know
Too loud for a conversation, just hum to the music…
la dee fucking da, la dee da
Pint after lonely pint, to chase the liquor
‘till the whole damn thing becomes a blur

Pardon me, is this seat taken, and if two’s a crowd,
I’ll move one stool down,
Breathe a sigh, swirl a drink, and pretend that I don’t mind
Can’t you see that I’m new here
and I might not want to stay too long
but I’m beside myself since I’ve seen your smile
And followed your legs down to your tapping toes

Set up with a half cocked grin, you’ve got a face I may have seen, in a town I might have been
there’s a storm that blows within, ‘n I’m inclined to roll right out
to ease this tension in my head
and now my belly’s full… whooooooooaa, I’ve gotta go
I watch the others while they heckle, I sit quiet,
from me no cackle, I’ll play the odds, might be a gamble... say the old folks, I’m more than a handful